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ADHD Drugs and Side Effects in Children

The following table shows various types of approved treatments and their side effects in .


Intuniv ()


Depending on drug, may be pill, capsule, liquid, or skin patch


extended-release tablet

How often taken

Varies depending on drug

once daily or divided into two doses per day

once daily

Common shortterm side effects (may go away after one to two months)

• decreased appetite

• trouble sleeping

• headache

• stomach pain

• irritability

• blurred vision

• tics or tic worsening (may be long-term)

• upset stomach

• decreased appetite

• nausea

• tiredness

• dry mouth

• sleepiness

• weakness

• dizziness

Long-term side effects

• increased blood pressure

• slowed growth and weight gain

• tics or tic worsening (may be short-term)

• slowed growth and weight gain

• decreased blood pressure and heart rate

Rare but serious side effects

• heart problems

• psychiatric problems, such as hearing voices or becoming suspicious for no reason

• suicidal thoughts