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ADHD is a treatable condition

can make feel bad about themselves. They may see themselves as failures, when they are not. They need help with this common childhood illness.

With the right care, children with ADHD are able to pay attention, control their behavior, and slow their fast pace. With the illness under control, children can grow, learn, and develop better than before.


“My son’s teacher gave me a booklet on ADHD to read. It really helped. I used to think I was not a good parent or that he was not a good kid. Now I know it has been ADHD all along. It’s an illness—like my daughter’s asthma. No one is to blame. It’s a card we’ve been dealt. That’s all. Now that we know what we are dealing with and how to treat it, it’s getting better.”

What ADHD?

The exact cause of ADHD has not yet been found. ADHD seems to run in families. If a parent, uncle, or grandparent has ADHD, other family members may also develop it. Physical differences in parts of the brain may also have something to do with it. There may not be a single cause, but a few things may come together to cause ADHD.