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Examples of Thanksgiving Day Fires

The following are recent examples of Thanksgiving Day fires in reported by the media:

  • Thanksgiving Day 2009: An early morning chimney fire destroyed a home in Magnolia, TX, when a small fire was left burning in the after the occupants went to bed. Smoke alarms were present in the house and operated. The occupants in the house escaped the three alarm fire without injury.
  • Thanksgiving Day 2009: A fire completely destroyed a home in Sandwich, MA, following a reported explosion at the residence. The occupant of the house sustained serious in the explosion and fire. The cause of the blaze was still under investigation, but fire officials have focused on a water heater hooked up the night before the blast.
  • Thanksgiving Day 2008: Fire destroyed a mobile home in Berkeley Springs, WV, on Thanksgiving morning. The blaze presented firefighters with more danger than usual as some 5,000 rounds of ammunition kept exploding inside of the home and a couple of tanks were located on the porch. The cause of the fire was unclear, but it was known to be an unintentional fire. The owner of the mobile home was not there when the fire began. The total loss from the fire was estimated at $50,000.
  • Thanksgiving Day 2008: A 2-year-old boy died from injuries he suffered when flames tore through his Port Carbon, PA, home. The fire was reported to be accidentally started by a wood burner inside the home. Attempts to rescue the boy who was sleeping upstairs were suspended due to heavy flames and intense heat. The boy’s mother and four others escaped the fire which resulted in a total loss of the home.
  • Thanksgiving Day 2007: In Otsego, MI, a fire killed two people early Thanksgiving morning in an apartment that had no working smoke alarms. The fire, which remains under investigation, was reported to be a small, smoldering fire that started in and burned through the floor of the bedroom. There was no outside structural damage to the in which the apartment was located.