• Health & Safety

Solve Underage Drinking

Underage drinking can affect anyone, including people who don’t drink.

  • Underage use can lead to dangerous behavior, property damage, and violence.
  • The results can be injury and even death for the drinker, and for other people nearby.
  • About 45% of people who die in car crashes involving a drinking driver under age 21 are people other than the driver.
  • The effects of underage drinking can be felt by everyone. That makes underage alcohol use everyone’s problem.

6-year-olds know that alcohol is for . Between ages 9 and 13, youth begin to think that alcohol use is okay. That’s why it’s never too early to start talking with young people about the of underage drinking.

There is a role for everyone.

  • Everyone can work together to create a community where young people can grow up and feel good about themselves without drinking.
  • Everyone in the community should deliver the message that underage drinking is not okay. The message should be the same whether youth hear it in school, at home, in , on the sports field, in youth programs, or in other places where young people gather.
  • Families can help prevent underage drinking by staying involved in their children’s lives. It is important for families to pay attention to what’s happening with their teens.
  • Young people can learn about the dangers of alcohol use. They can change how they and others think about drinking.

It’s time to change how we all think, talk, and act when it comes to underage drinking. We need to stop accepting it and to start discouraging it. It’s time to help young people understand that it is not okay for them to drink alcohol. The discussion needs to start long before youth start thinking about drinking.